Reginald Winstock

Lord knows (and Reginald knows for a fact that He does know) that Reginald Winstock is not the Second Coming. One of the primary goals of this website is to squelch such rumors. Simply because the idea of Reginald Winstock being the Second coming has shot around the globe faster than a rhino's urine stream, that does not make it so. Fame does not make one a god, as so many celebrities would quickly deny.

Nevertheless, Reginald Winstock, despite his global fame and his Svengalian influence upon almost anyone who has ever had the honor of meeting him, whether it be at a ball park trough or simply a couple of feet off into the woods just after the bend in the dog-leg of a par five, understands that he is a simple man and nothing more. Jeezuz has attested to that fact several times. Anyone having a clear understanding of the New Testament would realize that; and anyone who denies knowing of Reginald Winstock and/or accepting his views on almost any matter or topic is simply delusional and sadly in the devil's keep.

Please contact Reginald Winstock should you suffer from either of these malignancies. He'll put a word in with Jeezuz's Daddy Who generally does what Reginald suggests.